Monday 23 June 2008

EU’s Irish future - The Libertas model

At the European Council meeting, the defeated Irish government understandably asked for more time to come to a conclusion after Ireland’s rejection of the Lisbon Treaty.

The victorious No campaigner Libertas seems to be as clueless at the moment. The latest on the Libertas web page, dated 17 June 2008, is a ‘thank you’ to those who voted no.

Then comes a truism or admission, however it should be understood: In politics, it is easy to simply oppose.

This is followed by the post-referendum programme: We in Libertas will now reflect on the message from the Irish people, and begin the process of looking to build a positive alternative to the direction Europe is taking.


Begin the process of looking to build.

Ten days on, not much to go on, is there?

It almost defies imagination as results and political campaigns go.

Ralf Grahn

Update 25 June 2008: Still no update on the Libertas web page.

Update 27 June 2008: Nothing new on the Libertas web page. (I don't understand the Lisbon Treaty, so I vote no. I don't like the Lisbon Treaty, so I vote no. I want a better deal, so I vote no. I want a better deal, but I don't know what it is. What do I do now?)

Update 30 June 2008: A new day has dawned, but Libertas still greets us with its old 17 June 2008 truism that it is easy to oppose. Where is the promised better deal for Ireland and Europe?

Update 1 July 2008: A new month has begun, the Slovenian presidency of the EU Council has
ended and the presidency of France has started, but Libertas is still in 17 June 2008 mode, without a whisper about a positive programme either for Ireland or for Europe - the better deal for all of us , you know.

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