Thursday 26 June 2008

The Tap Blog plans future after EU crash

The Tap Blog, which persists in calling anti-EU forces eurosceptics, is mulling over a positive programme after the European Union crashes.

Read ‘What Will Replace The EU?’ (25 June 2008):

Possibly, a crash of the EU is as much of a pipe-dream as a democratic union, but in my opinion it would be a good thing if there were clear visions of the future in both camps.

Too many of the anti-EU blogs are way too careless with facts and generous with distortions, whereas the Tap Blog distinguishes itself by better writing and something that looks like a real quest for alternatives.

As I see it, the main challenge for the ones who hope for an era after the European Union is to envision how it would enhance the security and prosperity of Europeans in a globalising world.


Traditional international organisations, built on intergovernmental cooperation, have usually shown little ability to achieve results.

On their own, even the bigger European nations are becoming small fry among the emerging powers.

NATO is an important transatlantic link, but it is primarily an alliance for military defence. Security is a much wider concept, and somehow interests like negotiating clout and energy security would require credible arrangements.

Even free trade needs common rules and enforcement, more closely knit than possible under WTO agreements.


I hope that the Tap Blog and its friends rise to the challenge. Like Libertas said, it is easy to oppose. The hard part is to create a better future, or even a vision of one.

Ralf Grahn

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