Wednesday 25 June 2008

Sweden continues Lisbon Treaty ratification preparation

The EU information of the Swedish parliament (Riksdagen) confirms that the preparation for Lisbon Treaty ratification continues in other member states (including Sweden). The press release with the headline ‘Irländskt nej stoppar inte svensk riksdagsbehandling’ (Irish no does not stop Swedish parliamentary procedure) was issued 25 June 2008 following a meeting where prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt reported on the European Council meeting to the EU committee of the parliament.

As yet, the Swedish government has not sent its ratification bill to the parliament, although the Council on Legislation (Lagrådet) gave the draft a green light regarding constitutional issues.

According to the same press release, Reinfeldt sees the EU treaty and enlargement as two separate issues.

Ralf Grahn


Sveriges riksdag, EU-upplysningen: Irländskt nej stoppar inte svensk riksdagsbehandling (2008-06-25)

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