Thursday 23 September 2010

Herman Van Rompuy: Europe’s great challenges and small steps (II)

The first part, Herman Van Rompuy: Europe’s great challenges and small steps (I), offered a summary of the president’s speech in Paris 20 September 2010, as well as a link to the full speech and reactions in online media: Sciences-Po, The New York Times and

We continue with two more reactions and some reports on the discussions in the European Parliament yesterday.

There is now an English version of the French EurActiv report on Van Rompuy hails ‘flexibility’ of his job.

Talpa brusseliensis christiana offers a summary of Van Rompuy’s main messages: M. Van Rompuy se veut rassurant: « Le projet européen n’est pas mort ! »

European Parliament

Yesterday, president Van Rompuy discussed economic governance with the presidents of the political groups and reported on the European Council to the European Parliament.

Toute l’Europe offers a good summary of the discussions in the European Parliament. is sceptic with regard to Van Rompuy’s ability to achieve economic governance: Met Van Rompuy redden we de euro niet.

Valentina Pop, on EUobserver, reports about the expectations or deceptions in the European Parliament regarding economic governance, as well as other questions relating to the European Summit: Van Rompuy defends economic taskforce against critics.

Naturally, president Herman Van Rompuy’s report on the outcome of the European Council meeting 16 September 2010 at the European Parliament remains the primary source on his reasoning.

Ralf Grahn

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