Tuesday 30 August 2011

Eurozone: Juncker and Rostowski in European Parliament

For the first blog post we found texts with main points: Eurozone: Trichet and Rehn in European Parliament.

The second part proved trickier.

I found nothing on the Council's web pages on the euro group or the 'salle de presse' of the prime minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker, with regard to the meeting in the European Parliament yesterday.

They announced the coming participation of finance minister Jacek Rostowski in the ECON meeting in the European Parliament, but I do not find what he actually said on the web page of the Polish presidency of the Council of the European Union.


Let us see what media representatives have caught of the contributions by Juncker and Rostowski.

Honor Mahony on EUbserver noted that the chairman of the euro group Jean-Claude Juncker was hopeful of a solution to the Finnish demands for collateral linked to the second Greek rescue package: Rehn questions political appetite for eurobonds [near end of article].

The Polish finance minister Rostowski saw the ”six-pack” of legislative proposals for improved economic governance as a litmus test for the EU. - It is a priority for the Polish presidency.

According to EurActiv, Rostowski hailed the interventions by the European Central Bank for saving Europe: MEPs rally behind ECB as savior of euro.

On the EUobserver, Andrew Rettman quoted an interview in Gazeta Wyborcza: Polish finance minister says Europe at risk of ”collapse”. European, including German elites have the choice between the survival of the euro and the collapse of Europe. A bigger EFSF and deeper integration are necessary for the eurozone. Finland's requirement of collateral is irresponsible.

Rostowski described fiscal irresponsibility in the South and lack of solidarity in the North of Europe as dangerous populism.

The European Voice has more on Juncker's and Rehn's words about the deal on Greek collateral: Trichet calls for speedy action on bail-out deal.

The blogging Swedish MEP Gunnar Hökmark, who is a member of the EP ECON committee, saw the need for stricter budget discipline and reforms aimed at increasing market dynamics and real economic growth: Pressmeddelande: Tillväxt är det enda som kan ta Europa ur krisen.

(As we saw in the previous post, commissioner Olli Rehn spoke about the need for qualitative, structural reforms for growth, competitiveness and jobs.)


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