Thursday 18 August 2011

Eurozone leaders talk and shares fall

This afternoon BBC Business News reports that Shares fall in Europe and US as confidence drops (18 August 2011).

Why are the markets so ungrateful after chancellor Angela Merkel and president Nicolas Sarkozy promised the eurozone ”economic government”, consisting of two annual summits for heads of state or government in the euro area, as well as constitutionally enshrined debt-brakes?

Perhaps the commentariat could give us a few clues.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's Telegraph blog post In defence of PIGS (17 August 2011) named the non-decisions succinctly:

No eurobonds, no fiscal union, no boost to the EFSF rescue fund, no change of policy on the ECB’s mandate. Zilch.

The LabourList post by Jon Worth argues that it is better to save the Euro and the EU through fiscal integration than provoke the mother of all financial crises: The Eurozone predicament is undesirable, not unexplainable (16 August 2011).

Professor Karl Whelan argues on the IIEA blog that it is certainly unlikely that a continent-wide campaign to pass rigid fiscal rules that run counter to textbook macroeconomic principles will do much to boost the Euro’s popularity: The Merkozy Summit – Bad Politics, Bad Economics (17 August 2011).

Vihar Geogiev writes on European Union Law that this proposal will not solve the urgent problems of the eurozone. Any further dodging of the eurobond issue will only add damage to the eurozone economy. The proposals on ”economic government” stay within the logic of intergovernmentalism, which is a recipe for failure: Dissecting the New Franco-German Proposal for the Eurozone (17 August 2011).


While effective and democratic European level solutions remain officially banned, remember to check old and new comments on about the continuing eurozone descent.

Ralf Grahn

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