Thursday 18 August 2011

Merkel and Sarkozy: Eurozone letter to Van Rompuy

Yesterday morning the primary sources about our new ”economic government” were limited to video of the Élysée press conference and the press release from German chancellor's office.

Since then, we have more official materials about the proposed Twin Peaks ”economic government” of the euro area. The website of president Nicolas Sarkozy has posted the text of the press conference, with chancellor Merkel's remarks translated into French.

On this page you can choose the joint letter from Merkel and Sarkozy to Herman Van Rompuy, the president of the European Council, in French, English and German, which makes the proposals available in a more finely chiseled form.

The German chancellor's office offers a report of the summit: Deutschland und Frankreich für starken Euro. There is also a shorter English version: Germany and France in favour of European economic governance.

The press conference has been transcribed and the French parts translated into German: Pressekonferenz von Bundeskanzlerin Merkel und dem französischen Staatspräsidenten Sarkozy.

The letter to Van Rompuy can be found here as well: Gemeinsamer Deutsch-Französischer Brief an EU-Ratspräsident Herman Van Rompuy.

The same page offers links to the letter in English and French.


Yesterday I wrote three blog entries about the the summit between Merkel and Sarkozy, including interesting media reports and comments: Eurozone: Our new ”economic government”, Eurozone Twin Peaks ”economic government” in media and Eurobonds and eurozone reform rebound despite Merkel-Sarkozy summit.

Ralf Grahn

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