Tuesday 25 October 2011

Digital Agenda for Finland: glossy or original?

As we have seen, Finland has a domestic Digital Agenda, which has been published English in addition to the national languages:

Productive and inventive Finland – Digital Agenda for 2011-2020 (pdf brochure; 49 pages)

There is a comparable brochure in the original Finnish:

Tuottava ja uudistuva Suomi – Digitaalinen agenda vuosille 2011-2020 (49 pages)

The glossy publications are probably intended for the wider public and international partners. However, the information in the original government reports to Parliament has been rearranged, at least. Did they aim at making the strategies more pleasing to readers?

Original government reports

If you are interested, you can compare the colour booklets with the original government reports in Finnish and Swedish, as available through the web pages of the Parliament (in pdf format; with document and page numbers added since the ministry versions):

Finnish: Tuottava ja uudistuva Suomi – Digitaalinen agenda vuosille 2011–2020; Valtioneuvoston selonteko eduskunnalle VNS 10/2010 vp (39 pages)

Swedish: Ett produktivt och nyskapande Finland – Digital agenda för åren 2011–2020; Statsrådets redogörelse till riksdagen SRR 10/2010 rd (41 pages)

Government report

Here the word 'report' has a more forward-looking meaning than usually ('matter relating to the governance of the country') according to the Constitution of Finland, Section 44 - Statements and reports of the Government:

The Government may present a statement or report to the Parliament on a matter relating to the governance of the country or its international relations.

----- No decision on confidence in the Government or its Member shall be made in the consideration of a report.

This means that the national Digital Agenda for Finland was discussed at plenary sessions and dealt with in committies, but the end vote did not involve the confidence of the government.

Ralf Grahn

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