Monday 31 October 2011

EU Digital Agenda: finding Commission documents

The Digital Agenda for Europe was accompanied by a Commission staff working document known as:

Europe's Digital Competitiveness Report 2010

Both Volume 1 (general ICT competitiveness report) and Volume 2 (ICT country profiles) of the Commission staff working document 17.5.2010 SEC(2010) 627 have been published together in a glossy version.

However, Volume 2 with the ICT Country Profiles in SEC(2010) 627 was also posted separately by the Commission, for the convenience of readers.

Generally, the Digital Agenda web pages are quite good, but for some reason you won't find SEC(2010) 627 on Eur-Lex.

Even if the EU legal portal calls them preparatory acts, I would appreciate if every COM and SEC document would be posted on Eur-Lex (with all available language versions), because having them all in one place would facilitate finding relevant reports and proposals compared to hunting for them on the web pages and subpages of some thirty Commission services.

Ralf Grahn

P.S. Dear Reader, I am interested in national Digital Agendas (existing language versions), as well as information society plans and IT policy actions in the member states of the European Union. If you know something about national policy and law, I am grateful if you can use the comment section or email me with relevant information.

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