Sunday 23 October 2011

National Digital Agenda for Finland 2011-2020

At European Union level we have the information society strategy, which is a EU2020 flagship initiative:

A Digital Agenda for Europe; Brussels, 26.8.2010 COM(2010) 245 final/2 (41 pages)

National Digital Agendas?

In the wake of the EU level Digital Agenda, are there national Digital Agendas or are the member states currently preparing their own knowledge society strategies?

Finland, Denmark and Sweden have published national Digital Agendas, but I am grateful if anyone can show me where to find other language versions of the Danish or the Swedish ICT strategy. Information about implementing measures and possible updates being planned are most welcome.

For the other EU member states as well I repeat my recent request for information, hoping to promote sharing and mutual learning to strengthen European competitiveness:

Through Twitter @RalfGrahn and my blog I asked for information if there is a national Digital Agenda in your EU country in the footsteps of the Digital Agenda for Europe.

The invitation remains open. It would be great if you could send me one tweet per language version. Please use the hashtag #DigitalAgenda to spread the word instantly.

If you want to write more, you could use the comments section of this blog or send me an email.

I will try to disseminate the information received.

Digital Agenda for Finland

Finland has a national Digital Agenda for 2011-2020, published last autumn. The 26 November 2010 press release from the Ministry of Transport and Communications offers a glimpse, including the government aim of making high-speed, 100-Mbit broadband connections available to nearly all permanent residences and offices of businesses and public administration bodies by the end of 2015.

There are three language versions of the Digital Agenda, glossy in Finnish and English, bare bones in Swedish.

Finnish: Tuottava ja uudistuva Suomi – Digitaalinen agenda vuosille 2011-2020 (49 pages)

English: Productive and inventive Finland – Digital Agenda for 2011-2020 (49 pages)

Swedish: Ett produktivt och nyskapande Finland – Digital agenda för åren 2011–2020 (the original report to Parliament, without pictures and page numbers, but with 386 numbered paragraphs)

Ralf Grahn

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