Thursday, 26 June 2008

European Political Union

Instead of the outdated model, where national interests take the common good hostage, Stefan Collignon and Christian Paul suggest addressing the core problem of democracy by creating a European Political Union.

Their article ‘It’s democracy, stupid!’ (17 June 2008) proposes that the next European Parliament, elected in 2009, elaborates a Constitution for the European Political Union to set up a government for the administration of European common goods.

It would be a limited government, in charge of only those public goods that affect all European citizens together. This government, democratically elected by and accountable to the European Parliament, would mean that citizens obtain the right to choose policy directions when they elect their representatives.

The existing economic union would be maintained for member states not willing to participate in political deepening. The European Political Union would be a coalition of the willing.

The article can be found at:


Collignon and Paul assess the needs and set out their proposals in line with what this blog argues.

They want to make the next European Parliament into a constituent assembly. This is one way to achieve the package this blog has proposed: to combine the Lisbon Treaty with a pledge by the European Council to institute democratic legitimacy and accountability at the EU level, among a coalition of willing states.

Read and reflect.

Ralf Grahn