Sunday, 22 June 2008

European Union: Choice of leaders

”What kind of democracy is this, when citizens have no say in the choice of their leaders?”

“European citizens would not be so cynical if they were regularly invited to choose the people who run European affairs. We need real campaigns, dealing with European issues, just as in national elections.”

These and a number of other interesting thoughts are put forward by Charles Wyplosz in a comment on (18 June 2008): What dream will Europe dream now?


An increasing number of pro-Europeans voice their concerns over the plans to circumvent the Irish rejection of the Treaty of Lisbon, ignoring the demands for EU level democracy and accountability.

Regardless of the fate of the Lisbon Treaty, the leaders of the European Union seem set on a course towards ultimate failure.

Since the referendum in Ireland, my own thoughts have shifted in one aspect: Democratic accountability is more important than the technical merits of the proposed treaty.

Ralf Grahn