Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Bloggers for Europe

Bloggers for Europe joins some of the leading lights among Irish Eurobloggers:

Jason O’Mahony

Stephen Spillane and

Conor Slowey (The European Citizen)

There are also two bloggers, who are new to me:

Owen Rooney (Conduct Unbecoming) and

Hugh Hamill

This is how these Bloggers for Europe present themselves:

“Bloggers For Europe is a group blog covering the second Lisbon referendum in Ireland. It was set up by bloggers from throughout the country who felt that there was a need for a more organised online presence from pro-Lisbon activists, and decided to create a one-stop-shop for news and commentary. Although we're all looking to secure a Yes vote in the referendum, we still hope to provide enough news and debate to make the blog a worthwhile destination for anyone who's interested in Lisbon and the campaigns surrounding it.”


In my humble opinion, an active Ireland in an improved European Union is a better option for the Irish than Ireland as a satellite to an anti-European Conservative government in Britain. Thus, I wish Bloggers for Europe the best of luck.

Ralf Grahn