Thursday, 24 September 2009

Czech hand-wringing over EU Lisbon Treaty

Czech govt wants country to ratify Lisbon treaty by year’s end” reports (23 September 2009).

So would every other government in the EU member states, and so would 26 national parliaments, which have approved the Lisbon Treaty. So would the EU institutions, which should be up and running, with a new Commission from 1 November 2009.

The problem is that acting Prime Minister Jan Fischer offers no solution to this Czech constitutional problem, which holds Europe hostage.

Is hand-wringing all we can expect from the Czech Republic?


Vaclav Klaus

Czech President Vaclav Klaus must have an objective for his disregard for Czech and European parliamentary democracy.

David Cameron and his foreign policy supremo William Hague hold out the long term promise of a revocation of the United Kingdom’s ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, after a Conservative victory in the next general election.

But more immediately, Klaus and his fringe of supporters can try to dispirit the Irish voters ahead of the Lisbon II referendum.

Ireland has been promised a Commissioner, if the Lisbon Treaty enters into force. If Klaus and his henchmen are allowed to make their country the laughing stock of Europe and ridicule the purposes of the rest of Europe, some Irish voters may lose hope.


Clearer alternatives

Clear decisions are needed in the Czech Republic before the Irish referendum.

Ireland needs to return a ringing Yes vote in the face of the insidious plots of Klaus and the Tories.

If the Lisbon Treaty is delayed or falls, a new and closer union becomes a necessity.

Ralf Grahn