Saturday, 26 September 2009

A constructive Britain in the EU?

A constructive Britain in the European Union would be a great asset, but this is not about to happen. Read the opinions on Conservative Home to get an inkling of Tory solidarity with the UK’s European partners.

Read the latest interview with Conservative foreign policy spokesman William Hague, who rejects European integration and the Lisbon Treaty, but wants Britain to stay on the inside of the European Union.


With a Conservative government, Britain’s engagement in Europe is about to turn from bad to worse.

The UK destroying the Lisbon Treaty while remaining in the European Union would be the worst outcome for the other EU states.

Hague’s disregard for Britain’s European partners is perverse: Causing maximal damage.

If the United Kingdom feels ill at ease in an evolving European Union, it should secede. It can arrange its trade links through the European Economic Area (like Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), or bilaterally (as Switzerland). The only defensible referendum is on the basic question: In or Out?

Ralf Grahn