Sunday, 8 November 2009

Euroblogs in German ─ where are they?

With 18 per cent of the EU population, German is the most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union. A further 14 per cent can speak German, which means that almost a third of EU inhabitants (32%) are able to speak the language of Goethe (Wikipedia: Languages of the European Union).

There are German quality media, universities, think tanks, public administrations, world class businesses etc., but how about Euroblogs?

Let us take a look at the Euroblogs updated during the last week on the multilingual aggregator

Among Journalists / Media we have Planet in Progress (Die Zeit) with one post.

Among Individuals Euro-Police is fairly active, with 11 posts either in German or in English monitoring the European police, e-comm, with five posts on EU (and Austrian) telecommunications law, and Martin Ehrenhauser, who as MEP should be in that category, with five posts on politics in the European Parliament.

Further there is Blog von Andreas Grieß, with two posts, Skablog, by Ska Keller, who like Ehrenhauser belongs to the MEP category, with two posts.

One post has been recorded by Zur Politik (Tom Schaffer), Der Nachbar (as EurActiv editor perhaps more correctly belonging to the Journalists / Media category), Europa-Transparent (Hajo Friedrich) and Reflexionen (Michael Scharfschwerdt).

Among the German and English bilingual blogs, Mount EUlympus (Andre Feldhof) has posted in English lately, once during the last week, and Jan’s EU-Blog (Jan Seifert) has one post in German, about fifty-fifty lately.

In the category MEPs / MPs / Political parties we find Peter Pilz Tagebuch with five posts, which mainly focus on Austrian politics. ─ This as good a place as any to ask, how Euroblogs and EU affairs should be understood. In my view, should be inclusive rather than exclusive. National and European spheres should be allowed to overlap, and national politics are of interest to European readers and they influence EU politics. On the other hand, are there limiting criteria which should be applied when approving blogs on

Holger Krahmer (MEP) has two posts, while the MEPs Helga Trüpel and Silvana Koch-Mehrin have one post each during the last week.

In the Network category the webzine Die Euros has nine posts.

Among the Civil society /NGOs, has three posts and Junge Europäische Föderalisten and der Universität Erfurt one blog article posted during the last week.

I found no updated blogs in German in the categories Commissioners, Governments or Think tanks / Academic / Federations.


Where are the German Euroblogs?

After looking at the Euroblogs in German, I have some questions.

Increasingly Germany can be said to be the leading EU member state (to the extent that there is a lead state), and Austria is a mid-sized member. In addition, there are German minorities in a number of member states as well as a sizable population in Switzerland and expats all over the world.

In relation to the many German speakers, there seem to be few Euroblogs in German on In some categories, there are none, and in no category are the German blogs among the most active.

Have German blogs on EU affairs failed to announce their interest?

Are there not more German Euroblogs out there, and if so, why?

Ralf Grahn

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