Sunday, 1 November 2009


Multilingual, which aggregates posts from 474 Euroblogs, offers opportunities for cross-border debate on European issues and enjoyable language learning. In principle, 25 languages are on offer, but I suspect that there are a still a number of ‘national’ blogs with broadly European themes, which nobody has thought of proposing to the editors of

You can propose a separate blog post or a new blog for inclusion on You can suggest your own blog or someone else’s weblog.

The registered blogs are fairly active. When I looked a short while ago, 164 had posted during the last seven days.

This weekend migrated to a new server and the design is slightly different.

The editors’ choices on Home are suitable for those who want to read a few selected articles.

Personally, I prefer to keep up to date by scanning all the posted articles on Posts and by taking a closer look at the ones I find especially interesting.

Ralf Grahn