Thursday, 12 November 2009

Europe needs great Europeans ─ like Vaclav Havel

Europe has commemorated the fall of totalitarian Communism and the Berlin Wall, honoured the fallen on Remembrance Sunday and remembered the end of hostilities on Armistice Day (Remembrance Day).

When will they ever learn, asked Pete Seeger.

Luckily, Europe has learned, through the continuing process of European integration and through the reunification of much of our continent by the means of the European Union.

The Lisbon Treaty, which enters into force on 1 December 2009, is a further step towards our slow and winding journey towards a closer union, although neither effective nor democratic enough to serve us optimally as yet.

Yesterday, Vaclav Havel, one of the great Europeans, one of the great humans, of our times, spoke in the European Parliament.

Read the press release of the European Parliament on Vaclav Havel’s speech. Even better, use the links on the page and take the time to watch the video recording of Havel’s vision on Europe’s future, or listen to the audio document.

We need not accept Havel’s views in their details, but we have every reason to acknowledge his greatness, and we should comprehend the need for shared sovereignty and for strengthening European values and solidarity, for the sake of ourselves and our children.

“Europe is the homeland of our homelands.”

Ralf Grahn

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