Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tony Blair or a ”non-entity”?

Never mind that the Tories oppose him, never mind that the British do not want him, never mind that many EU citizens reject him, for Charlemagne’s notebook Tony Blair is the only serious candidate, the only world leader (Ex-leader, I would venture.): Europe’s global credibility in the balance (17 November 2009).

“Narcissistic parochialism” seems to describe any discussion about alternative candidates to become president of the European Council.

The world looks simple when you see only former UK prime minister Tony Blair v “non-entities”. Does anyone see traces of British superiority behind the line-up of the arguments?


To be taken seriously, seriously

President Barack Obama is not going to rise in the middle of the night because Tony is the caller. Obama is smart enough to learn the name of a European Council president who has something valuable to say. Not least because of the United Kingdom, the European Union will continue to have difficulties coordinating its international actions. If it succeeds, the world will listen, but that requires more work than motorcades.

Ralf Grahn

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