Thursday, 3 July 2008

Cyprus approves Lisbon Treaty

The Earth Time reported that the parliament in Cyprus approved the EU Treaty of Lisbon with 31 votes against 18 opposing votes by the communist AKEL party. See:,cyprus-parliament-approves-lisbon-treaty.html

This means that 20 member states have completed the essentials of the Lisbon Treaty ratification, namely approval by parliament.

Of the seven remaining countries Sweden sent the ratification bill to parliament today, 3 July 2008, as reported in the previous post.

Ralf Grahn


  1. Getting signatures from a few heads of state still seems to be a problem, though.

  2. Nanne,

    There are the populists-nationalists, Kaczynski and Klaus, whose disposition is ill fitted to constructive European cooperation. In an organisation with weak structures like the EU, they are offered chances to obstruct on a silver plate.

    But a number of bloggers have, in my view, made too much of president Köhler's deferred signature.

    He is just showing deference to the judicial arm, the German Constitutional Court.

    But I hope that the Court would sort out the pending cases quickly.

  3. Now also Austrias chancellor Gusenbauer is not so sure anymore about a new EU treaty.

  4. Lisbon,

    You are right. I forgot to name his new found enthusiasm for national referenda in the culprit section of the comments on this post.

    Europe deserves better rules: robust and democratic.


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