Thursday 3 July 2008

Sweden: Lisbon Treaty ratification bill

The Swedish government has issued its Lisbon Treaty ratification bill. The government’s press release ‘Regeringen fattar beslut om Lissabonfördraget’ (The government decides on Lisbon Treaty; 3 July 2008) can be found here:

Swedish committee reports and government bills are traditionally thorough. This one runs to 288 pages and it is the latest official Swedish reference about the Treaty of Lisbon: Regeringens proposition 2007/08:168 Lissabonfördraget.

It can be accessed here:

Ralf Grahn


  1. Seachtu. "Involverade"!. Vad hander med det Svenska spraket?

    (Do not have the Swedish keyboard available).

  2. Anonymous,

    'Involvera' is listed in my dictionary.

    'Involverade' in the press release is not that odd in my view, since for instance 'inblandad' has negative connotations.

    The ones who wrote the press release wanted to imply that the consultation was extensive, but they could not say anything too strong on participation since the government decides.

  3. hi! I'm Italian and I'm writing my thesis on the application of EU in Sweden. since most of the documents are in Swedish, could you please just tell me if the ratification process has made any progress in August?
    Thank you a lot


  4. Marta

    Probably no progress since this post, because I suppose that the Swedish Parliament (Riksdagen) is still in summer recess, and the original time-table has pointed towards late autumn, perhaps November for the ratification vote.

    By the way, if you read my old posts on individual Lisbon Treaty Articles (advancing from TEU Preamble to TFEU about 120) you will find references to the Swedish documents with short explanations, if that is of any use to you.


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