Friday 11 July 2008

Lisbon Treaty ratification count 22 and 367

Belgium is the latest European Union member state to complete the parliamentary ratification process of the Treaty of Lisbon.

Reuters reports ‘Belgium completes approval of EU Lisbon treaty’:

The 22 member states where the parliamentary ratification is concluded account for 367.8 million Europeans (about 74 per cent of the total EU population of 495.1 million).

The group of slow, undecided or negative member states has now shrunk to five, with the following population numbers (millions):

The Czech Republic 10.3

Italy 59.1

Spain 44.5

Sweden 9.1


Ireland 4.3


As of yesterday evening, four out of five member states (81 per cent), representing almost three quarters of the total EU population (74 per cent), have concluded the parliamentary ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

Ralf Grahn

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