Tuesday 31 March 2009

European e-Justice action plan

The Council of the European Union has published a notice on a Multi-annual European e-Justice Action Plan 2009─2013, in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) 31.3.2009 C 75/1.

The project aims at developing the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) at European level in the field of justice.

Objectives worth mentioning are:

• Improved access to information in the field of justice, in particular European legislation and case law as well as that of the EU member states.

• The dematerialisation of cross-border judicial and extrajudicial proceedings, by electronic communication between a court and the parties to cross-proceedings.

• Simplifying and encouraging communication between the judicial authorities and the Member States.

• The establishment of a European e-Justice Portal, which will provide access to the whole European e-Justice system, i.e. to European and national information websites and/or services.

Ralf Grahn

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  1. This seems a good idea, linking justice databases across the EU as it should help in combating crime. Unfortunately that is not all that the e-Justice Plan intends to effect. It seems that it is just one more tool in an ever increasing armoury of tools that is being used to provide the EU with detailed information about every one of us. That is the only conclusion that I can come to when I read that it includes such elements as the "Interconnection of land registers(integration of EULIS)" and an "Interconnection of registers of wills".Why does the UK have to spend many millions on EU e-Justice in

    1. This time of economic hardship, and
    2. why do we need to have personal data about wills and land ownership spread around the whole of the EU?

    Of course the answer is that we do everything that the EU asks us to do, without question and without proper debate.

    This isn't government - this passion for knowledge about everything that everyone does is reminiscent of the Stasi.


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