Friday 27 March 2009

Jean-Marie Le Pen

The French quality blog Diner’s Room published a thoughtful post on the PES proposal within the European Parliament to prevent Jean-Marie Le Pen from presiding at the beginning of first EP session after the European elections in June 2009, by amending its Rules of Procedure.

‘Jean-Marie Le Pen et les principes de l'état de droit’ is available here:

According to the EP Rules of Procedure, the oldest member presides until the President has been elected. No other business is conducted until then.

The proposal to change the rule to the detriment of one individual speaks volumes about lousy political judgment and an utter incomprehension of the rule of law, one of the founding principles of the European Union.

Like Gandhi, we have to say to Martin Schulz of the PES group that Western civilization would be a good idea.

Ralf Grahn

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