Friday 27 March 2009

European Parliament: New Rules of Procedure

They still call it the 16th edition, but the latest version of the European Parliament’s Rules of Procedure has now been updated to March 2009.

It is available on the web pages of the European Parliament:

For researchers and students, at least, it would be an improvement if the Rules of Procedures had references to the original decision and the amendments.

Work is under way to amend the Rules ahead of the next parliamentary term (Corbett report) and to take account of the Treaty of Lisbon, if it enters into force.

In other words, look out for new updates.


With regard to the previous post, here is the rule on the oldest member at the first sitting after the European elections:

Rule 11 Oldest Member

1. At the sitting provided for under Rule 127(2), and at any other sitting held for the purpose of electing the President and the Bureau, the oldest Member present shall take the Chair until the President has been elected.

2. No business shall be transacted while the oldest Member is in the Chair unless it is concerned with the election of the President or the verification of credentials.

Ralf Grahn

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