Friday 4 December 2009

Bloggers of Europe, unite!

I, Resolved to add a few thoughts to the Euroblog Meet-up initiated by Joe Litobarski,

Drawing inspiration from the historic rallying call of the Communist Manifesto,

Recalling the amusement provided by the creation and propagation of the EUSSR myth,

Confirming my attachment to the vision of a vibrant Eurosphere,

Confirming my attachment to the languages of the European Union,

Desiring to encourage bloggers to read and discuss European issues of common concern,

Desiring to facilitate communication by and with EU citizens living in another member state,

Resolved to promote unity in diversity among Eurobloggers,

Have, with the sole voice of a citizen, in good and due form, decided to call on organisations and individuals active in European affairs to list their blogs on multilingual

Done at leisure on the fourth day of December in the year two thousand and nine.

List of signatory reproduced: Ralf Grahn, EU citizen


  1. might be interesting to you too. The site tracks the votes and attendance of the members of European Parliament.

  2. Laurent,

    Yes, it is a useful project. If and when it runs a blog, it is welcome to join

  3. I, Resolved to respond to your eloquently formulated call,

    Have, with the sole action of a single painless click, in good and due form, decided to list my blog on multilingual

  4. Thank you! Should give the Blogging Portal the first actual education blog in the section "Education & Culture," and extend the section beyond culture, civil society and youth :)

  5. Andreas,

    Excellent. There are lots of more European networks, associations and organistaions; should we approach them?

  6. I would guess that has, more or less, reached its most obvious potential target group of Eurobloggers quite well by now. Before getting in touch with additional European networks, it might be worthwhile to have some of the discussions initiated here and elsewhere... Could be easier to convince and be convincing afterwards?


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