Wednesday 23 December 2009

European Union’s information society and media policies presented

Knowing the past and the present is key to the future, so we start by taking a look at how the European Commission presents its information society and media policies during the first Barroso Commission.

As an introduction, and as an overview for the general public, the European Commission has produced the glitzy ten page brochure: Creating a Single Competitive, Innovative and Borderless European Telecoms and Media Market for 500 Million Consumers – The achievements of Commission’s Information Society and Media Policies 2004-2009.

The flavour is in the tradition of the former Moscow VDNH – the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy – but in this case, with the huge progress made and the facts to prove it, one can almost forgive the Commission for the tone.

The brochure is a useful summary of significant developments during the last years, where the Commission has been one part of the forces for progress.

Ralf Grahn

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