Thursday 24 November 2011

Euroblog Thanksgiving in the eurozone

Today I want to import the Thanksgiving tradition in the USA to express my gratitude to some posts on the 890 euroblogs aggregated by

The spectre of eurozone breakup seems to advance faster than the mini-summits Fabien l'Européen finds insufficient. Moral hazard pales in comparison with eurozone breakup, writes Susan Fuchs, who discusses the need for Germany to act.

The danger of gaullist regression is ever present in France, says Arnaud Leparmentier. Le Taurillon interviews professor Philippe Martin, who points in the opposite direction: The European Central Bank needs to become a lender of last resort, which requires a change of the ECB statute. The eurozone demands much deeper fiscal integration.

Place du Luxembourg offers a solid and factual roundup of the eurozone during November. Coulisses de Bruxelles discusses the eurobond proposal from the Commission, but in the short term the ECB needs to intervene in the bond markets without limit.

Ralf Grahn

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