Sunday 6 November 2011

Eurozone finance ministers Monday: background and gaps

The finance ministers of the Euro Group meet to ride the Greek rollercoaster on the slopes of the Apennines, well after markets open and close in Europe Monday, 7 November 2011.

Are we going to see solutions emerging in Greece and Italy ahead of the eurozone meeting and the full Ecofin Council on Tuesday?

The Annex to the Council background note offers a convenient one page summary of the ongoing work to alleviate the crisis in the eurozone (page 6). The overview would have been even better, had it linked to the relevant documents (although two documentary links about other items are provided in the preceding main text).

The documents of the Ecofin open sessions have not been updated (yet).

There are some gaps to fill. Observers of the European Union (eurozone) need the relevant documents, plus information about possible weekend developments in Greece and Italy.

For lively discussion about the eurozone challenges I recommend the multilingual aggregator of 873 euroblogs You can read, comment and share.

Ralf Grahn

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