Sunday 27 November 2011

Policy euroblogs: economy and eurozone

Ronny Patz made some interesting observations about policy-oriented euroblogs. He mentioned and linked to a number of interesting blogs in different policy areas.

Patz mentioned the growth of economic blogging during the ongoing crisis, even if he did not name individual blogs.

There are now 888 blogs listed on, the multilingual aggregator of euroblogs.

In order to pick up the thread where Ronny Patz had left off, I went back through the last few days of blog posts and marked the blogs which dealt mainly with the economy and the eurozone.

The choice is subjective, and some general euroblogs (not mentioned) manage to produce more quantity and quality in a few different fields than many specialised blogs in one.

Some of the economics blog are penned by mainstream media journalists, while others are written by individual economists and people interested in economic policies or politics more broadly.

Even if economics blogs tend to publish more during office days, I was surprised to find 32 blogs dealing mainly with the economy and the eurozone, and which had published these last days.

Here are the ones I stumbled across (with no claim to accurateness):

M.G. in progress

Protesilaos Stavrou

Arend-Jan Boekestijn (in Dutch)

I on Europe

WSJ Emerging Europe

FT Alphaville

Reinhard Bütikofer MEP (in German)

Kantoos Economics (bilingual German & English)

Open Europe blog

Lost in EUrope (in German)

Guardian Comment is free Europe (all areas)

WSJ Real Time Brussels

Berni's View (bilingual English & German)

Karpfenteich (in German)

Beyond Brussels (daily digest)

Social Europe Journal

Yanis Varoufakis

IIEA blogoshere (a number of writers)

Euro area debt crisis

Telos politique économique (in French)

French Politics

EU Weekly (bilingual French & English)

Revolting Europe


FT Brussels blog

European Welfare States


A Fistful of Euros


Place du Luxembourg

Crooked Timber

Coulisses de Bruxelles (economic and political issues, in French)

Ralf Grahn

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