Saturday, 19 July 2008

Will the real Mr Ganley please stand up?

If you try to describe the messages of Declan Ganley of the Libertas Institute in US American terms, you would end up with two different versions.

Before the Irish referendum to reject the EU Lisbon Treaty, Mr Ganley sounded like the Anti-Federalists or the secessionist Confederate States.

One month later, at the Heritage Foundation in the USA, Mr Ganley resembled Madison, Hamilton and Jay in the Federalist Papers or Abraham Lincoln in face of the rebellion.


There is finally an update on Libertas’ home page ‘Libertas accepts invitation to meet Sarkozy’ (18 July 2008):

The message seems to straddle these contradictory positions.

On the one hand: Declan Ganley is offended by the prospect of Ireland having to vote again. Sarkozy has a democratic responsibility to respect the will of the Irish people. The Lisbon Treaty is dead. He will be asking Sarkozy to accept that the Irish people have rejected the Lisbon Treaty.

On the other hand: Declan Ganley wants Europe to be strong, prosperous and democratically legitimate.


With the post ending with the statement that Libertas will not participate in any debate on the Lisbon Treaty, Libertas leaves everything hanging in the air.

More – much more – is needed on how to bridge the gap.

What does a strong, prosperous and democratically legitimate Europe look like?

How is it going to be accomplished?

How is Libertas going to contribute?

Where is Ganley’s blueprint?


It is time for the real Mr Ganley to stand up.

Ralf Grahn