Thursday, 10 July 2008

Sarkozy on EU treaty perspectives

Waiting for the French EU Council presidency site – – to post a written version of president Nicolas Sarkozy’s speech in the European Parliament, we turn to a few news reports, because it is more convenient for readers to read than to follow the videos from beginning to end.

BBC News reports that ‘Sarkozy warns EU on treaty debate’:

‘France determined to end EU treaty woes by year’s end’, says

‘Nicolas Sarkozy devant le Parlement européen’, is the headline at Radio France International :


Short term we have the following expectations, based on Sarkozy’s speech:

France wants to propose a solution in October or December.
The choice is between the Nice Treaty and the Lisbon Treaty.
No country should be left behind at this stage.
Clarity is needed before the European elections.
Enlargement and Lisbon walk hand in hand.


Today, president Sarkozy was not ready to speak about long term perspectives. He only hinted at two-speed Europe as a last resort.


How much wiser are we now?

Ralf Grahn