Wednesday, 2 July 2008

To Libertas: Where is the better deal for Ireland and Europe?

Ireland voted to reject the Lisbon Treaty on 12 June 2008. Libertas promised a better deal for Ireland and Europe.

In an ideal world of direct democracy the voters would have known the programme ahead of casting their ballots.

In this case they didn’t know and didn’t care, but enough of them suspected the Lisbon Treaty of something.


The referendum has gone and the result was clear the following day.

Where is the better deal?

The European heads of state or government (the European Council) have promised continued ratification of the agreed treaty. No answer there.

The Irish government has not been able to come up with any concrete ideas. No answer there.

Surely, then the ‘no’ side must be actively campaigning for its magic formula for Irish and European satisfaction beyond the confines of the Lisbon Treaty?

Wrong. This 2 July 2008, almost three weeks on, Libertas’ latest web page entry, dated 17 June 2008, thanks its voters and promises to start outlining a positive programme in the future.


Ralf Grahn