Thursday, 2 April 2009

Euroblogging: Expanding

Two months have gone since I wrote about the launch of the Euroblog aggregator

During this time, checking has become a daily habit for me, a handy way to scan about a hundred daily posts and to read the ones I find interesting (and have time for). I can also check the preferences highlighted by the editors.

I now have the latest post headlines appearing visibly on my own blog.

In two months the multilingual has expanded by almost 19 per cent, by 53 blogs (from 281 to 334).

Act now!

There is still room for expansion, I think. Bloggers can submit their own blog on European affairs or they can suggest a suitable blog for inclusion. Please, do.


The initiators and editors of are doing a great job in creating the European public space.

Ralf Grahn