Wednesday, 29 April 2009

William Hague: Conservative Party for EU disintegration

Hat tip to Open Europe’s press summary for drawing my attention to the Timesonline interview: We’ll win the next election, says William Hague (29 April 2009).

There are several interesting replies concerning the future relations between the United Kingdom led by a Tory government and the European Union.

According to Hague, they would be active, energetic and engaged members of the EU.

The Conservative Party would spell out in its manifesto what action it would take to reverse European integration.


Some people may perceive a contradiction between the two statements.

Integration is a process bringing the people and member states of Europe closer. Reverse integration points in the opposite direction: disintegration.


Great Britain is about to change from standing on the brake to shifting into reverse gear.

It is high time for the core of the European Union to embark on a reform course and to step on the accelerator, without the United Kingdom.

Ralf Grahn