Friday, 17 April 2009

Romania & Moldova: Loyal cooperation?

It is astounding how easily leaders of EU member states forget their basic treaty commitments. I have little sympathy for the unreformed regime in Moldova or its authoritarian policies to stifle political pluralism, stealing the elections long before the observers arrived.

But how can the leadership of Romania promise passports to one million Moldovans without thinking about its obligations to the other EU member states?

New Romanian citizens (from Europe’s poorest country) would automatically become citizens of the European Union.

Has the Romanian government consulted its partners about this sudden influx? Have they agreed? If so, where do we find the documents?

Loyal cooperation

Article 10 TEC

Member States shall take all appropriate measures, whether general or particular, to ensure fulfilment of the obligations arising out of this Treaty or resulting from action taken by the institutions of the Community. They shall facilitate the achievement of the Community's tasks.

They shall abstain from any measure which could jeopardise the attainment of the objectives of this


Romania is not the first EU member state to act without concern for its partners, but old breaches are no excuse for new ones.

EUobserver reports EU dismayed by Romania mass citizenship plan (17 April 2009).


In addition to the lack of ’Community spirit’, the Romanian proclamation reveals one of the many weaknesses of a complementary citizenship, with different value in different member states.

Since loyal cooperation seems to be too weak a principle, EU citizenship needs to be reformed into an independent and unitary status, defining who is an EU citizen as well as the rights and obligations.

Ralf Grahn