Tuesday 21 April 2009

European elections: Federalist manifesto

The European elections are getting closer, but without top candidates or a real debate on the challenges for Europe in a changing world.

Perhaps time to look at what the Union of European Federalists (UEF) has to say in its manifesto Stronger together in a federal Europe, the clearest constructive election programme I have seen to date.

Ralf Grahn


  1. Hello everybody, I just want to introduce a new Italian candidate. His philosophy seems to be very interesting.

    Luigi Ferrante stands as an IDV candidate in the European Parliament elections.

    His name is Luigi Ferrante. He was born in Gravina in 1966, but now he lives near Ferrara. He will stand as a candidate for “Italia dei Valori” (Italy of values) in the European Parliament elections which will take place in June. A documentary film maker but also an entrepreneur, publisher and writer, Luigi Ferrante is the president and the founder of “The Lotus”, a movement based on the politics of human values.
    “Ever since I was a child, I engaged myself in the Italian and foreign world of work, feeling the need to devote myself both to the professional field and to the human relationships. That made me deeply understand the problems as an inmigrant worker, far from my own country and family. But I am also a man who loves challenges, so I face this candidature with enthusiasm and the conviction that I will try my best, relying on the help of volunteers, and outside influence.

    Why have you chosen to stand as a candidate with Di Pietro?
    “I have shared with Di Pietro and Italy of Values the depth of committment in justice and lawfulness. Italy of Values has concrete programs and projects that I share, in the past as a youth, and today as a man on the front line. These programs are not only reformist, but all definitely evolve to service all groups of people, but in particular young people.”

    What is your political project?
    “My project is marked by some fundamental characteristics, such as the education in human values and the didactic and educational experience which are reforming whole nations, guaranteeing development, peace and chances for young people. To improve the standards of living education in human values is of primary importance. I want to engage the member states of the European Union in making education in human values an official school subject in.”

    Why have you chosen to be personally involved?
    “I have decided to stand as a candidate because I am convinced that we can do a lot thanks to Europe. The European Parliament is not or should not be a distant and silent place, which is rarely heard about. I think it is room for open dialogue, full of resources, which gives us the chance to exchange and share planning from a inter-ethnic, inter-cultural and human point of view, working as a mirror of the society of the future.”

    Should you be elected, what will your first action be?
    “One of the first things I would like to activate is a reference point at European level for young people, so that they know all the working opportunities. Nowadays many opportunities are missed because of the lack of information. It seems almost impossible to receive useful information in the era of communication.”

  2. Anonymous,

    I hesitated between accepting and rejecting this "comment".

    It is off topic and election propaganda (however worthy the unknown candidate might be).

    If he has something noteworthy to say about the subjects treated in te blog posts, let him participate, but I think that I will probably reject later "comments" such as yours as spam.

  3. Yes, I am sorry Grahnlaw. You can also delete it. I left it by mistake. Can you tell me how to leave a topic in the main page. I am sorry again

  4. Anonymous,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I don't know what you mean by a topic on the main page.

    This is my personal blog, but polite and relevant comments on the posts are welcome.

    Besides, my contact details appear on the blog, for potential clients and others.


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