Saturday 4 April 2009

EU media measures & consultation

The Commission’s Media Task Force has compiled an Inventory of measures affecting the media, covering the following policy areas:

1) Audiovisual and media policies
2) Communications policy
3) i2010
4) Research
5) Other policy files with potential media impact
6) Commissioner’s groups
7) Reference – Lisbon strategy, impact assessment

Policies affecting the media are spread over fifteen Directorates-General and Services, which makes the Inventory a valuable tool for everyone interested in EU level developments. The Inventory is updated until January 2009.


SME consultation

The European Commission’s (DG INFSO) Media Task Force has launched an online consultation "European publishing small and medium-sized enterprises in the digital era: technological and business innovation ", in order to carry out a thorough investigation of the current state of publishing SMEs, in particular the obstacles they face and future development possibilities.

This questionnaire is aimed at SMEs in the field of publishing: books, newspapers and magazines.

Ralf Grahn

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