Wednesday 29 April 2009

European Union: New State Aid Simplification Package

Despite its intensive work on state aid rules and decisions related to the financial and economic crisis, the Commission has launched two measures aiming at general state aid reform.

The European Commission has published a State Aid Simplification Package, which consists of two parts. For a quick view, see press release State aid: Commission adopts Simplification Package to accelerate state aid decisions (29 April 2009; IP/09/659).

The background MEMO/09/208, State aid: Commission adopts Best Practices Code and Simplified Procedure to accelerate state aid decisions – frequently asked questions, offers more information.


Simplified procedure

The Notice from the Commission on a simplified procedure for treatment of certain types of State aid (Text with EEA relevance) has no date or number, but this is probably the document in question.


Best Practice Code

The Notice from the Commission on a Best Practices Code on the conduct of State aid control proceedings lacks both date and number, but this is probably the second document meant by the Commission.


State aid procedure

The Commission > Competition > State aid > State aid control > Legislation > Rules on Procedure web pages offer background but also an array of documents, including the two latest Notices.

There are also Citizen Summaries available.

Despite the pressures, clear identifiers would help readers.

Ralf Grahn

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