Wednesday 15 April 2009

Taliban or Vatican?

Taliban rule and Sharia law have been making headway in the most backward regions of our planet. Has the Vatican taken heart in its quest for medieval supremacy over temporal rulers?

The question has some relevance for the European Union, because the Vatican is an enclave within the EU’s territory.

See BBC News Vatican ‘vetoes’ US envoy names (14 April 2009).

In firmly rebuffing three ambassadors chosen by the US administration, the Vatican has pushed its ideological agenda well beyond international custom, although the Vienna Convention does not require any statement of reasons for denial of ‘agrément’ and accreditation.

Should President Barack Obama give in to the headstrong and reactionary agenda of Pope Benedict XVI?

Not in my view. The United States appoints its ambassadors. The US can live without a head of mission at the Holy See. There is no pressing need for President Obama to visit a hostile Pope with a medieval view of the world.

Obama, after all, was elected on a ticket of hope.

Ralf Grahn

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