Friday 23 October 2009

The case for Europe

Through the Journal du Marché Intérieur blog I noticed the article by Alexandre Defossez and Nicolas Petit, « Lisbonne, et après ? » (La Libre Belgique, 23 October 2009), where the authors reflect on why the case for European integration is put so weakly, and why the referendum discussions end up being so parochial.


Beyond the questions of communications, good or bad, Sauvons l’Europe discusses the ruling of the German Federal Constitutional Court with regard to the requirements for a European federation, in « La Cour constitutionelle allemande soutient Sauvons l’Europe » (23 October 2009).


On the Federal Union blog, Richard Laming discusses why Europe is a fascinating object of study for anyone interested in contemporary politics, in “The future of the EU after the Lisbon Treaty”.


If the citizens think that the European Union needs improvement, they must begin to pay attention to its faults.

Ralf Grahn

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