Tuesday 13 October 2009

Czech refusal and new complaint over EU Lisbon Treaty

I will not sign Lisbon Treaty, says Czech president Vaclav Klaus, according to Times Online.


Extended legal challenge

Jiri Oberfalzer and 16 other Czech senators, defeated in the democratic arena and already partially in the Czech Constitutional Court, intend to extend their request. The precise comments will be revealed only after the new challenge has been deposited, reports Czech Happenings.


If further proof was needed, Vaclav Klaus has sent the Czech government and the EU member states on a wild goose chase.

Klaus is getting support from his henchmen.


The Czech constitutional crisis is a fact, even if the government has last spoken about efforts to find a solution.

The European Union is in an institutional crisis, which exposes the weaknesses of its structures.

Two political entities are blackmailed because of their inadequate structures.


How long are the Czech Republic and the European Union going to accept the role of victims in this comedy?

When do they start putting robust structures into place?

Ralf Grahn


  1. Clearly Klaus puts himself in the same league as the FN, here in France, or the BNP in the UK - so far to the right that for most of the time he's almost out of sight. (Until the right moment).

    Somehow, he gained enough support to get himself elected into office. The Czech problem would now appear to be - how to get him out of office (or to force his hand). Not sure how the EU can help.

  2. French Derek,

    I see it as a rather sad indication of the level of maturity, respect for parliamentary democracy and fair play that some people not only condone Klaus' disruptive behaviour, but actively support demolition by destructive means.

    I find it even more shocking that the EU policy of David Cameron and William Hague, potential leaders in government, are based on the same disregard for EU partners and parliamentary democracy.

    We have to see if either the Czech Republic or the European Union is able to come out of this stronger, or if they give in to the saboteur.


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