Monday 11 January 2010

ACTA: Whose Digital Agenda for Europe and the world?

The mysterious ways of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) negotiators raise questions about whose Digital Agenda is being pursued. The lack of transparency results in growing mistrust. Here is a sample of recent texts about the problems for citizens and consumers in the digital era.

The Washington Post, Rob Pegoraro: Copyright overreach goes on world tour (15 November 2009)

P2PNet, Jon Newton: ACTA: epic fail (31 December 2009)

Europolitics, Marianne Slegers and Dafydd ab lago: Internal market – Patents and European private company top agenda (4 January 2010)

Googland, Mistique Cano: First 2010 Google D.C. Talk on ACTA: the global treaty that could reshape the Internet (5 January 2010)

The Sheaf, Andrew Olsvik: ACTA puts Canadian copyright law at risk (6 January 2010)

O’Reilly Radar, Andy Oram: The fate of WIPO, ACTA, and other intellectual property pushes in the international economy (6 January 2010)

Wired, David Kravets: Senator Demands IP Treaty Details (7 January 2010)

Christian Engström (in Swedish): Bono har rätt om fildelarjakten (8 January 2010)

Michael Geist: Legislators Worldwide Asking Questions About ACTA (8 January 2010)

The Command Line, Thomas Gideon: Another Senator Writes USTR about ACTA (8 January 2010) News: Unlock ACTA secrets, legislators demand (9 January 2010)

Numerama, Julien L. (in French): L’ACTA inquiète de plus en plus de parlementaires dans le monde (9 January 2010)

Bigwobber, Brenno de Winter (in Dutch): De onderhandlingen over ACTA (11 January 2010)

What is the consequence of secrecy? It clearly says that they don’t trust us. Why should we trust them?

Ralf Grahn

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