Wednesday 27 January 2010

EU Law: Humanitarian aid and other thematic files

The European Union is one of the principal international actors trying to alleviate the suffering caused by the natural disaster in Haiti. Humanitarian aid and assistance for long term development are needed from the more fortunate parts of humanity.

Eur-Lex, the legal portal of the European Union, has published a new thematic file on EU legislation in the field of humanitarian aid: emergency aid, food aid and aid for refugees.

The file on humanitarian aid law contains legislative instruments, preparatory acts and other acts.

Thematic files

There are now thematic files on EU law available in the following areas:

• Humanitarian aid (22/01/2010)
• Climate change (03/12/2009)
• Nuclear safety (12/11/2009)
• Food safety (11/11/2009)
• The milk market (28/10/2009)
• REACH – An integrated system for registering, evaluating, authorising and placing restrictions on chemical substances (23/09/2009)
• ITER – International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (07/09/2009)
• The common agricultural policy (CAP) (21/07/2009)
• Renewable energy (26/06/2009)
• The European Parliament (26/05/2009)
• The common fisheries policy (CFP) (13/05/2009)
• Human rights (23/04/2009)
• Possession of fire arms (26/03/2009)
• European health strategy (13/03/2009)
• European Union policy in the field of research and innovation (27/01/2009)
• The visual characteristics of the euro coins (29/01/2009)
• Endangered species (09/12/2008)
• Rules on alcohol consumption (18/11/2008)
• Prevention and recycling of waste (25/09/2008)
• Multilingualism in the EU (15/09/2008)
• Air safety (10/09/2008)
• European Neighbourhood Policy (25/08/2008)
• Air passenger rights in the European Union (19/08/2008)
• External relations EU - Turkey (18/08/2008)
• Immigration - Asylum (08/08/2008)
• Customs Tariff (31/07/2008)
• Avian influenza (30/07/2008)
• Fight against terrorism (16/07/2008)
• Personal Data Protection (10/07/2008)
• Campaign against smoking (08/07/2008)
• Recognition of diplomas and qualifications in the European Union (26/06/2008)
• Protection of children (26/05/2008)
• Travelling and disabilities (15/05/2008)
• Employment (24/04/2008)
• Protection of privacy (09/04/2008)
• Money laundering (27/03/2008)
• Freedom of expression (04/03/2008)
• Non-discrimination and equal opportunities for all in the EU (01/02/2008)
• Consumer protection (15/11/2007)
• Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (19/07/2007)
• The fight against corruption (16/05/2007)
• Value added tax (VAT) (29/11/2006)
• Cosmetic products (25/10/2006)
• Football (06/06/2006)
• Lisbon Strategy (17/05/2006)
• Security of energy supply (07/02/2006)

Ralf Grahn

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