Thursday 7 January 2010

Research tool: EU media policies inventory

During the build-up of the European Digital Agenda, we want to spread the word about a research tool with special relevance for media.

The role of media is crucial in the information society or knowledge society, spanning most policy areas. Thus, at EU level so many of the Commission services (DGs) are engaged in policies affecting the media and so many policy initiatives are ongoing that it would be hard work to gain an overview without the help of the interdisciplinary Media Task Force.

The Commission’s Media Task Force publishes a synthetic compilation of the active dossiers in the various Commission services:

Inventory of measures affecting the media (December 2009; 46 pages)

The initiatives have been grouped according to the following policy headings:

1. Audiovisual and media policies
2. Communications policy
3. i2010
4. Research
5. Other policy files with potential media impact
6. Reference – Lisbon strategy, impact assessment

The updated inventory is a valuable tool for further research into specific policy areas and individual proposals.

Ralf Grahn

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