Friday 22 January 2010

Industry views on European Digital Agenda 2010-2015

The EU’s current information society strategy i2010 is near the end of its shelf-life. The European Commission has held an online public consultation on the post-i2010 European information society strategy and the Swedish presidency of the Council of the European Union contributed with the Visby agenda, a declaration based on a conference and a report on A Green Knowledge Society (66 pages).

The current holder of the rotating EU Council presidency Spain arranged an international meeting with representatives of the European information and communication technology (ICT) businesses on 18 January 2010.

The invited industry associations presented a report, which feeds into the process of devising the post-i2010 strategy: the European Digital Agenda (or as the Spanish government wants it to be remembered, the Granada strategy, to be presented at the informal meeting of the telecommunications and information society ministers in Granada on 19 to 20 April 2010):

Industry partnership contribution to the Spanish presidency – Digital Europe Strategy – Recommendation of the European Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry to the Spanish Presidency of the European Union (80 pages)

The report contains executive summaries in English, Spanish, German and French, an Introduction and sections on: Productivity And Growth – ICT Supporting European Industry; Sustainability; Creative Content In The Digital World; Trust; Participation For All; Trade/Market Access; Reduction In Administrative Burdens; Contributors.

There is nothing wrong with business interests openly putting forward their views on economic and technological progress and job creation, but it is as important that other societal interests are active and vigilant, and that the political processes are fully open to them.

What has the Spanish presidency planned with respect to civil society views?

Ralf Grahn

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