Saturday 16 January 2010

Internet and IPR in EP hearings of EU Commissioners: Neelie Kroes

La Quadrature du Net has been active on many fronts, submitting replies to Commission consultations on copyright and the coming EU 2020 strategy as well as distributing questions ahead of the European Parliament’s hearings with various candidate-Commissioners responsible for various issues related to the Internet. There is a press release following up the hearing with Neelie Kroes: Commissioner Kroes commits herself to Net neutrality (15 January 2010).

Europaeum presents the context for the hearing of Neelie Kroes, designated for the European Digital Agenda (in German): Neelie Kroes muss in die Verlängerung, und wir leider draußen bleiben (15 January 2010).

Europaeum linked to where Simon Columbus reported on Kroes’ statements in favour of net neutrality as well as European fundamental rights in the ACTA negotiations, but noted that she was quite cautious on copyright: Neelie Kroes für Netzneutralität, muss aber nachsitzen (15 January 2010).

Swedish blogger Henrik Alexandersson offers a few personal reflections on the hearing of Neelie Kroes, as well as links to EurActiv and Swedish media: Mer om Kroes… (15 January 2010).

Earlier Alexandersson had offered his impressions of the new Commission and the web, with remarks on Neelie Kroes’ replies on ACTA, net neutrality and copyright: Den nya kommissionen och nätet (14 January 2010).

The press service of the European Parliament offers a Summary of the hearing of Neelie Kroes – Digital Agenda (14 January 2010).

Ralf Grahn

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