Wednesday 27 January 2010

Bloggingportal EU anniversary roundup

Happy Birthday to EU,
Happy Birthday to EU,
Happy Birthday, Dear Bloggingportal,
Happy Birthday to EU!

The first anniversary of the multilingual blog aggregator 26 January 2010 was recorded by a number of stalwarts of the Euroblogosphere and some others interested in European affairs. Here is a roundup of some of the felicitations.

In One year Kosmopolito noted more than 500 euroblogs, 25 editors and thousands of visitors. The European Journalism Centre (EJC) features as a resource.

Ein Jahr aggregierte Euroblogs was the headline of Europaeum’s assessment of the first year.

Eurosocialist chipped in with Happy Birthday to! And her French double, Eurosocialiste chirped: Bon anniversaire !

Un européen jamais content reflected upon Bloggingportal, 1 an déjà !

Happy birthday! said Writing for (y)EU (the EP web editors).

Matizandrea’s Blog sent greetings : Buon compleanno

Eurocentric noted his positive comments in Celebrating 1 Year of

Julien Frisch called it the most important innovation of the Euroblogosphere: Happy birthday,!!!

Today the first newsletter appeared. Sign up and give feedback!

Euroblog reflections

Following or participating in the debate about the European Union within national confines is far from enough, if you want to understand what the EU is doing and where it is heading. Cross-border discussion on European integration is essential, especially if you are exposed to the fire and brimstone propaganda of much of the English press and UK political discourse.

At the same time you can brush up your language skills in an enjoyable manner, by reading great euroblogs such as Coulisses de Bruxelles.

Written by Jean Quatremer, Coulisses de Bruxelles is listed with more than 500 great Euroblogs on growing multilingual, your useful one-stop-shop for fact, opinion and gossip on European affairs, i.a. politics, policies, communication, economics, finance, business, civil society and law. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed for new blog posts appearing on

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of During this first year the number of blogs almost doubled. You can propose a blog on European affairs for inclusion, if it is not already listed.

By the way, I also discuss European issues in Finnish on Eurooppaoikeus and in Swedish on Grahnblawg.

Ralf Grahn

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