Monday, 11 May 2009

Anyone But Barroso and EU 2.0

I have not joined the Anyone But Barroso campaign, because I have limited my demands to competing candidates for the Commission Presidency. For me, the pan-European election comes first, the personalities second.

But I have been saddened by the fact that the Anyone But Barroso campaign has been in dire straits. Even if the campaigners were right about the need for a new President of the European Commission, the Europarties have failed in the very reason for their existence, to field competing candidates. They failed because of national heads of state or government, who are also national party leaders.

A host of heads of state or government in EU member states have gone back on the miserly concession they made when signing the Lisbon Treaty, to let the votes of EU citizens influence the nomination; this well ahead of the European elections.

N.B. These elites ─ heads of state or government ─are not “Brussels”, but national.


The Anyone But Barroso campaign site has reported on mischievous use, emanating from Portugal, and a few minutes ago I was unable to access the site because of overload.

Are these dark forces going to target the Financial Times next?

Wolfgang Münchau’s Financial Times column Like a fish, Europe is rotting from the head is a clear indictment of the premature choice of national leaders and the European People’s Party.

Well, I cannot remember even one spontaneous exclamation of joy from EPP grass roots.


An ever closer union among the members of the European Council against the EU citizens fails in two respects: legitimacy and outcomes.

To the extent possible, vote for the citizens’ European Union 2.0 in the European elections.

Ralf Grahn