Tuesday, 19 May 2009

European elections: UK Conservative Party

Barely in time for the 4 June 2009 vote, the UK Conservative Party has launched its campaign for the European elections ─ with David Cameron calling for a national election.

Incidentally, the Tories have also published a European Election Manifesto.

The Conservatives call for a modern European Union with pledges such as keeping Britain outside the euro, repatriating social and employment legislation and forming an anti-federalist political group in the European Parliament.


Neo-cons’ stooge

On Conservative Home, Sally McNamara of the US Heritage Foundation, writes a blog post: Cameron should take on the European issue now.

McNamara praises the Conservatives for promising a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon (ratified by the United Kingdom) and for the promise to leave the EPP-ED group in the European Parliament.

Her further wish-list contains the renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the European Union, as a major issue of British political life, and crucial to the defense of Britain’s long-term interests.

Writing for a British public, McNamara is more tactful than when blogging on The Foundry at Heritage. She does not spell out that the crux of the defence of Britain’s long term interests lies in securing US leadership in the world.

In other words, the United Kingdom with a Conservative government is the neo-cons’ fifth column within the European Union.

Ralf Grahn